Hospital Graveyard

"Good morning! Today is an extra-special day for you! No, I'm not going to experiment on you with a new punishment or anything... Today is actually the day that I'm going to execute you!" There comes a time in all my pathetic slaves lives where they have outlived their usefulness and I have to put them down like the sad old they are. I typically like to just hang my worthless men and watch them kick their legs frantically and gasping for bits of air until the rope finally ends their life. Lucky for you though, your last act of life will be to entertain me while I sip on an expensive wine. But, youll be entertaining me long after your . I will keep you close in the hospital graveyard so I can visit you and spit on your grave. I even plan on keeping you locked in your chastity cage so you wont be doing any fucking. HA, even in the afterlife you will still be owned and under my control.