Hive Mind

Not every man can afford to be my slave. I’ve learned that it isn’t enough to have one servant to meet my demands, which is why I created my Hive. Measly little worker bees will never be able to be true FinDom servants on their salary, but that doesn’t mean you are excluded from rising my ranks. There are many little tasks I require my bzzzy bees to perform. The Hive is a system that will allow everyone to succeed in worshipping their Queen and demonstrating their devotion without completely ruining your life. I will provide you with simple tasks that are easy to complete and win over my approval and in return you will get small rewards for your consistent support. All your tiny contributions and fulfilling your tasks only proves the worth of the Hive as a self-operating FinDom machine, demonstrating the power of many hardworking individuals giving to me what they can afford. Even though you aren’t a money-hogging PayPig, you can still soar to new heights in my Hive and rewarded with the taste of sweet honey from completing all the tasks I demand. Believe in your Queen’s philosophy of more bees working together is far more useful to than one insignificant insect. Devote yourself to my Hive!