Heavy Beta Training

Things have changed a lot since you devoted yourself to me. You’re no man, not even a beta… you’re my fairy whore! Completely transformed into the perfect slave for tormenting. Always soft and useless, I give your life meaning since God made a mistake when He created you. Your mind may still play tricks on you, convincing you of your “manhood.” Your clitty is fucking useless, which is why I keep it locked away. That cum deprived pain a man would feel in his balls doesn’t compare to the painful aching of your ovaries. That’s what happens when you train a clitty to be soft and drippy. You may think your lust for worshipping my pussy proves your manliness, but that’s only because you wish you had a pussy like mine. Growing up as a little Fairy, you were always jealous of the other girls. Face it, deep down you’ve always known that ugly flap of skin dangling between your legs was destined to be locked up forever. Now, whenever you look down at your chastised clitty, you will know you’re nothing more than a whore for my Alphas.