Hawaiian Cuckold Vacation

Happy New Year from Hawaii! I wanted to thank you for paying for my amazing vacation. It is so wonderful to be able to get away from the bitter cold and runoff to a tropical island. While I’m away in paradise for the holidays, you’ll be all alone, locked in chastity with only your misery to keep you company through the depressingly cold winter. I’ve made sure to take the key with me on my trip so you won’t be able to sneak any jerk sessions without my permission. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve been using your credit card very responsibly, dining at the fanciest restaurants, spoiling myself at the spa, and shopping for expensive jewelry and luxurious resort wear. How lucky you are to serve me, to live your life as my special vacation bank account until I’ve burned through you like some luau paypig. The only thing you can do is imagine me in a sexy bikini being fucked by my surfer boyfriend on the warm sandy beach while you work your ass off so you can fund all of my future vacations.