Hardcore Popper Pay Drain

Once you’ve started, you won’t be able to stop. The endless cycle of fiscal eternity begins with that first sniff of those mind-numbing pop-pers you love. Your mind will be consumed from the vapor essence coercing you to submit to my every demand. Just like your freed mind, even your wallet relaxes and unleashes all the stress and power weighing you down. I’m a woman with a lot of expensive tastes and you love to feed my greed. Lost in your tributes and transactions, $500 quickly can become $5,000! Every time I see you coming out of your generous stupor, I force you to sniff more pop-pers and you’ve instantly fallen back into your financial servitude. You’ve been trained to desire being financially ruined until you’re bankrupt. No matter how much you pay me, you still want to do it more and more. I’m going to rinse you so fucking hard then drain all the money I’ve washed from you.