Hackett, You Toe Sucking Loser

Mr. Hackett has confessed to me about how he sacrificed his Alpha reputation by making a HUGE mistake on a first date. It’s one thing to fuck a girl on the first date, in fact that would prove how successful you are at charming women. When they’re a coworker, you have to be especially careful or risk office gossip. Knowing all that you still chose to let your freak flag fly by worshipping her feet... No, you smothered yourself with her feet while you moaned and sucked her toes. It’s no wonder why she hasn’t called you back and avoids you at work. But, then she finally called, and with a humiliating laugh shouts in your ear, “Hackett, you toe sucking LOSER!” Everyday she taunts and bullies you into doing her work, spending every Friday night doing after work errands and “favors” for Barbara. I think Barbara and I should get together humiliate our office foot slave.