Good Toilet

Every one of my captives wants to be the best slave they can be. Well, if you want to be a good slave, then you have to sacrifice. I believe the greatest demonstration of devotion, dedication, and obedience is by eating my $hit. You can show me how serious you are to become a “good” slave by making the simple gesture of begging for my $hit. I want you to plead for my ass so you can swallow my dump straight from the source. Your big salivating mouth the opening of the sewer pipe waiting inside you. After you’ve had a taste of my divine $hit, you’ll proudly proclaim your devotion to choking on my excrement. Like any good $hit eating pet of mine, you’ll happily wait, starving yourself for your next steamy pile of $hit. And, when I’m not around to feed you, you will learn to munch on your own $hit to satisfy your hunger.