Gold Digging Step-Mom

When a woman marries, she is making an investment towards her future. I’ve been married to this fat money-hoarding tycoon for several miserable years. He was a terrible excuse for an Alpha man, and an even worse role model to his one and only beta step-son. I couldn’t be happier that he is finally gone, but even from the grave he is still making my life unbearable by leaving his entire inheritance to you! He doesn’t even love you, but obviously his pride for his own legacy is more important. This will not last long… I always get what I want, so I’m not going to let my pathetic stepson claim what is rightfully mine. Ever since I came into your step-father’s life, you couldn’t stop fantasizing about your sexy new step-mom. All I have to do is use your perversion for me to coerce you to sign everything over to me. I know if I asked that you’d do anything for me because your such a good submissive boy who only wants some affection. Too bad I only put up with this “family” only because of your filthy rich good-for-nothing step-daddy. You can call me a Golddigger all you want, I can’t help it if I’m so savvy.