Goddess of Pain

The universe revolves around beautiful Goddesses. There’s the Goddess of love, Goddesses of the hunt, even Mother Nature is a Goddess. Men are constantly willing to devote themselves to serve these divine creatures, but no Goddess commands a legion of loyal servants quite like mine… For I am the Goddess of pain and slavery, the mistress of man’s weakness to submit. Men were put on this earth to worship and obey, which is why I keep my slave horde working nonstop, until their backs completely break and they’re nothing more than the dirt beneath my feet. I inflict pain and humiliation to all my worthy followers. A slave-driving supreme being that can destroy civilizations with the crack of my whip. Every lash I perform on a deserving slave can be felt by all in my cult from anywhere around the world. You can hear that snap in your ears, filling you with fear and desire, even feel the hot sting of that hard leather breaking your tender skin wide open. The cruelty I besiege on my slaves demonstrates your devotion, and my immense power over you. Once you’ve promised your faith to me, there is no escape. There is nothing in existence that is strong enough to break the chains binding you to my servitude because you willingly offer yourself for torment to please your divine deity of pain.