Girls' Night Out

It’s Friday… You know what that means? Time for another girls' night! I have my slutty latex dress and my sexiest high heel boots so my friends and I will be able to attract a lot of attention. While I’m out flirting with some potential fuckboys, you will be left home alone locked in chastity. This is the natural order of things when you begged to be my boyfriend. I am a young, beautiful, and horny goddess that deserves a proper fucking. It isn’t your fault you were born with such a tiny useless cock, but I simply can’t waste my perfect pussy on such an unworthy little thing. So you will stay here all by yourself with your tiny cock locked hopelessly away until I return. It must drive you crazy knowing your hot girlfriend is out getting fucked while your caged and forgotten. All that matters is my happiness, and you won’t even mind if I bring someone home. You’ll be so desperate to touch yourself, that I could seduce you into servicing the giant cock of my new boyfriend.