Giantess Study Session

I’m just a normal schoolgirl, very popular, and all the boys adore me, but I live in a world full of tiny people. We always have to be careful at school not to step on anyone. My teacher assigned me a project and even paired us up with one of the little people. He came over to my house after school to study and he won’t even let me carry him inside. I had no idea something so small could have such a big ego. So, I let him trek through my house all on his own to find me studying on the floor of my bedroom. I figured it would be easier than in one of my big normal-person chairs, but he seemed offended. With every little bit of confidence he had in his teeeny tiny body, he decided to prove his “manliness” and asked me to Prom. I couldn’t help laughing at the thought of dating such an insignificant little insect. If you wouldn’t even let me help you inside, how do you possibly think WE would ever work?!? I’d literally have to do everything, like open my own door and carry you everywhere in my pocket. Trust me, your miniscule pride couldn’t handle it. There’s no use for a little man like you.