FinDom Xmas

Its Christmas time! And that means breaking the bank to impress your loved ones. I know all my devoted FinSlaves have been working extra hard this year to afford all those wonderful presents for their friends and family… too bad you’ll have to return those gifts so you can give me all your money instead. This is the time of year when you have to sacrifice and be the most giving, and pay your tributes to the true deity of Christmas. I own you, everything is mine! I want your xmas bonus, gift cards, and all the expensive jewelry and electronics, everything else you can sell for cash. Since you’ll be in such a giving spirit, let’s get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions with access to your bank accounts and signing your home over to me. I don’t care if your k!ds cry or your wife divorces you, maybe they’ll learn the true meaning of Christmas and find joy in their misery. This holiday season they will get the privilege to be that poor and broken family featured in sappy Hallmark movies.