FinDom Advisor

I’ve known you for over a decade, and you aren’t getting any younger. Age is creeping up on those old bones, your heart isn’t ticking the way it used to, and all those meds certainly aren’t helping with anti-aging. Assuming that you could go any day now, it’s important we check your finances. Do you even have a life insurance plan in place? I just want to make sure you take care of everything that is most important in your life when you’re gone. Let’s revisit your Will and make sure I am the sole proprietor of your estate. I’ll need full control to insure that your last wishes are fulfilled, especially so greedy family members won’t fight over your fortune. We don’t want them prolonging your eternal vacation by dragging you along on life support. You’ve lived your life and accomplished all you need so that I can continue living my life of luxury when you pass. Don’t you want your findom to last forever? In the end, I’ll always be thinking about you every time I spend my inheritance.