Feet For Tuition

It's so not fair that my nerdy step-bro gets to go to college while I’m forced to stay home and get a lame waitressing job. Uni is perfect for a girl like me; all the hot guys, the parties, the drinking and drugs. I was the most popular girl in school, and now I’m going to be a loser like him. I come up with a plan to get him to let me stay in his dorm, but he doesn’t want me there. Too bad because I could’ve really helped with getting him laid. The little weirdo seemed to have no interest in that either, but I notice that he couldn’t keep my eyes off my feet. The more I played with my cute pink flipflops, soon enough his cock was pushing through his shorts. I figured out an arrangement that he couldn’t refuse. You will let me live rent free, pay my tuition, and do all my homework, and I won’t reveal your twisted fetish for your own systers feet to our family and the entire campus.