Feet for Rent

The pandemic has hit me real hard. I lost my job and I’ve drained my bank account on too much take-out to afford rent this month. I know I should’ve just got another job, but I really hate working. I was about to sell my laptop computer, but I remembered I let my roommate borrow it. So when I went to his room to get it back, I discovered he left a bunch of foot fetish websites open on the browser. I thought he needed it for a project or something, not so he could search for foot porn on the Internet. It would be so embarrassing if everyone found out he’s a pervy foot freak. I decided to take advantage of his kink and negotiate new terms on our rental agreement. I know you won’t be able to resist my perfect feet. I’ve caught you staring at my pretty feet, but didn’t realize you were lusting after mine. I bet I could even get you to pay my half of the rent if I let you worship my feet. Seems like a fair trade, you get to jerk off while pampering my feet and I get my rent paid. I think I’m going to enjoy this new arrangement.