Fairy Therapy Intake

When a kink obsession becomes so severe, I’m the therapist who is here to fix your personal issues and insecurities. There is nothing to be nervous about. This is a safe space. So no reason to be shy or keep secrets from me. I’m only here to help. Before you came into my office, you filled out an Intake Form so I can better understand what is troubling you. I’m very intrigued by how much sexual frustration you are harboring, and want to discover the root of the matter. With impotency, most men typically have problems with their penis. I encourage you to remove your pants for me so I can assess your cock as the reason for all your troubles. Frankly, I’m not surprised you are worrying panties, it just makes things a little more clear. When I have you take your girly thong off, all I see is a stubby little nub perched between your legs. This is why, deep down inside, you feel different from other men because you aren’t a “real man.” That tiny sack of skin is nothing more than a giant clitty. It’s no wonder you’ve tried so many treatments from chastity to humiliating fag training. Your erections are a disease, an abomination of genitalia. Something that small can’t possibly get an erection, which is whyyou are better suited for a life as a Fairy slave. You’ll never be able to USE that thing, so I will find a purpose for you. All you have to do is follow my directions and I’m certain I can fix all your sexual frustrations completely. Trust me, just a little more time with me and I will finally be able to cure those pesky erections.