Electro Sissy Playtime Fun

Well, look whose back again to play with me. I knew it wouldn’t be long for you to return to my dungeon for more punishment games. You are my property, nothing but a toy for my curiosity. I don’t have time for stupid men, that’s why we decided it would be best if I locked your cock in chastity so you won’t have any disgusting manly urges. The only thing you’re here for is to worship your Goddess and sacrifice your body and will power to me for my twisted games. Once you’ve taken a big whiff of my magical pop-pers, and your mind is completely transformed into your true sissy self. A brainless sissy slave devoted to my service. You one purpose is pleasing me in whatever I demand. Grateful for the rare opportunity of worshipping my boots, sniffing my sweaty nylons, and being my sissy doll I can torment, you’ll happily endure all the devious things I have planned for my helpless sissy slave. Your addiction to my “idea” of fun will overwhelm your sanity, leaving you a victim to your desires for more punishment as reward for your devotion. No matter how hard you try, you’ll always come crawling back, begging me to shock you over and over again, excited for the next painfully pleasurable devices I’ll use while you are under my control.