Electro Sissy Addiction Loop

Did you miss playing our little games? I know how much you love when I play around with my favorite boytoy. You’ve been thinking about our playdate all day. Imagining what slutty seductive outfit I’ll wear, which of my best toys I’ll use on you, how I plan to make you submit to and worship me. With one sniff of your magic juice, I can get you do anything that I desire… Well, deep down, I known you desire it too. As if the noxious aroma of my pop-pers weren’t enough, I make you sniff my ripe and sweaty pantyhose and feet, further smothering you in euphoric fantasy. While you relish in your perfect nirvana of FemDommenation, I wake you from your dream with a “shocking” surprise. I can tell by my sissy’s moan that she actually likes when we play my electro games. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a willing faggot slave that happily takes my abuse.