Edge & Worship

The only thing that matters is my pleasure, but I can see how desperate you are for an orgasm. Caught in a struggle between pain and pleasure, you enjoy denying your cum and demonstrating your stamina for me. I know how to drive you crazy and no amount of self-control can keep your hands from stroking your little cock once I’ve begun my seductive tease. You don’t even notice I’ve already got you jerking. There’s nothing you can do to resist my power except to give in to your desires. Your mind is engulfed in fantasy, locked in my world, and unable to break your focus. Completely under my control and getting closer and closer to the edge. Sadly, I’ll never take you there for nothing brings me more enjoyment than watching you suffer with that twitching dripping dick aching for its release. Maybe if you beg me, I’ll let you touch yourself again.