Early Sissy Training

You’ve always felt a little different from the other boys. There’s a reason for that, you were never supposed to be a man. Deep down in your heart you wished you were a girl, but were too scared to tell anyone. I’m going to help you be the ideal woman you’ve dreamed of being. I’ll teach you everything I know to be a perfect lady. I’ll show you right types of frilly panties to wear, how to do your makeup, put on lipstick, and even how to pleasure a man. All of this just feels so right, all the way down to your clitty you know THIS is who you were meant to be. There, now give me a twirl and let me see what a beautiful little girl I’ve created. You’re just like one of my gal pals! Now my sissy is ready to learn what it truly means to be a woman. Is that tight boy pussy ready for more training? I’ll have to take you to the store and find correct size of dildo for your ass.