Drown in Mud

Theres no use for you anymore. I have outgrown your services and found better and more worthy slaves to perform your tasks and worship me. Now, how to dispose of the worthless trash I no longer need? In the furthest corner of my land where my horses run around in the pasture, there is a giant mud pit by the fence that could serve as your new home. Ill lead you there and lay you down in the soft brown goo covering your entire body with mud until all thats visible is your ugly face. After Im tired of looking at you, Ill shove my boot into your face squishing your head deep into the muck, watching your eyes fill with fear as you disappear under the bubbling mud pool caused by your choked gasps for air. Actually, with all the horses running around, the mud around here is just shit, so I guess your new home will literally be a shit hole.