Double Power Hour - Serve Your Goddess

The brainwash was a success and I've been happily pampering myself living a lavish lifestyle with the rewards of my accomplishments. A slave’s place is to serve. That’s why you’ve committed so much time and energy to me. Spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on my desires. Funding my passion for the finer things- traveling the world, experiencing the finest dining, tons of shopping, and fucking exotic men from every country I visit. This is a life you’ve chosen for yourself, to be my sissy bitch that lives a life vicariously through me. I mean you have absolutely no interest in sex, not with that soft clitty. This is why you wanted to be locked in chastity because you know you don’t deserve to cum, let alone fuck. Your only job is go to work and pay me. Since you don’t know how to live your life or spend your money, I’ll do everything for you.