Dead Clitty

I’ve had your worthless clitty locked in chastity for so long you’ve almost forgotten its existence. All you feel when you try and stroke your imprisoned cocklette is the numbing emptiness of your former self. You were an insignificant loser as a man, unworthy of a woman’s pussy, wasting your time pretending to be anything but the Beta bitch you truly are. All those months in chastity have practically left you with nothing but a tiny floppy nub, so tragically soft and dripping of shame. The sheer humiliation of you realizing your complete uselessness has k!lled whatever manhood you have left inside. You’re so pathetic fucking your pillow trying to revive your lifeless clitty. This is why I’ve been training so you can finally accept your impotency. The one thing you need to remember for the rest of your life is that “the only good clitty is a DEAD CLITTY!”