Cucked By New Mom

A lot has changed in a few weeks. Your parents divorced, I moved in right after, and all of a sudden you have a new mom running the home. I understand it has been difficult adjusting to this new living situation. I’ve noticed how distracted you’ve been, you look just like your father when something is on his mind. In fact, it’s the same look he made when I knew he wanted to fuck me. That’s what’s been bothering you, those sexual fantasies about your hot stepmom. Go on, show me your cock and let’s see how big you are compared to your dad. I must say I’m not surprised how small you are, I mean you do look like a scrawnier wimpier version of him. Just because you’ll never be the alpha man he is, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve my attention. I’ll show you how I seduced your dad at work and ruined your parent’s marriage. She should’ve never tried to surprise him at work. That’s how she found out he was cheating by walking into his office while we were “working late.” When I saw her, I simply pulled up my panties, marched right up to her, and dropped the divorce papers at her feet as I walked by. Now she’s broke and brokenhearted, living in some $hithole while I get to move into her Master Bedroom. Looks like talking about your penniless mother is making you a little bigger. I guess you got your pathetic submissiveness from your mom.