Cuck For Teacher

I’ve asked you to stay after class because I wanted to talk to you about distractions in my classroom. I understand that you are forced to look at me while I’m teaching, but I can see by that dopey gaze that you are lusting after me. Well, as your teacher it’s important that I teach you all those usual subjects, but I feel it is my duty to offer you some truth and prepare you for the real world. In the “real world” you’ll never get a girl like me, not in college, and not even when you have that executive level salary. Women like me don’t go for schmucks like you, that’s why I like to flirt with those asshole jocks who always bully you. Personally, I’m against the school’s anti-bullying policy. How will coddling a useless dick help you to survive outside of school? You need to learn a valuable lesson of your place in this world. There are winners and there are losers. Guess which one you are?