Court Appointed Ass Psychiatrist

My client has been going through a very ugly separation and they need me to ensure their soon-to-be-ex-husband will painfully regret dragging out the divorce trial. So on the day of their hearing, I pretended to be the court appointed psychiatrist and told him to come to my office for his “mental integrity” evaluation. When he arrives, I notice he isn’t wearing a mask, which he’ll need for testifying in court. I happen to have an extra mask that I give him. Immediately he notices an odor and begins to feel light-headed, but I assure him it’s the exact mask many people in the government wear at work and to just relax and breathe deep. Soon enough he is completely dazed and under my spell. Now I can begin to brainwash him to completely humiliate himself in front of the entire court. I begin to reprogram him to be obsessed with my ass, so much that it drives you to hump the nearest object, making him cum within 10 seconds. I’ve included special triggers so that basically everything he sees and hears will conjure visions of my perfect ass. He won’t remember a thing once I’ve snapped him out of my trance, so I can only imagine he’ll be just as confused as the judge when he’s humping the stand during his testimony.