Custom clip: "Using your seductive, naked lips, lacy feminine pink bra and stillettos, you warn the sub male that watching this will lead inevitably to surrender as blackmail slave and gay prostitute, for real. But you know this only makes the sub want more. Cant resist. Pathetic. Each time the sub watches "she" has to prepare an email to you with a new bit of bkmail info or pics, scheduled to be sent after x minutes, coinciding with your cum command. So to stop the email the sub will ruin ejaculation. Each command you say, ends with your snap of fingers. Like: "drop to your knees". "put on your bra, while repeating you are a girl that needs a man" ; "say you want to be my blackmail slave" ; "say you want this email to be sent"; "say you want to kiss a man" (while closing up on your beautiful naked lips). You debase the sub, "if you were a man, you'd want to kiss me, but you want to kiss a man"- "kiss the lips of a man in a photo, now (snap)". Then count down to the cum command, each count with a snap of fingers, the sub must repeat "she" wants to be blackmailed, "wants to surrender", she "WILL let the blackmail email be sent". Please make the sub alternate jerking for you with pulling "her" nipples, to make "her" breasts for "her" man.