Chastity Struggles

So you’ve been complaining about your poor little clitty being locked in chastity. All you can do is whine about how long you’ve been trapped in this uncomfortable situation. It’s only been a few months with many, many more to go. You’ve bitched about it so many times that you’ve even forgotten how long it’s been since I locked up your sad excuse of a cock. That must mean you’re getting used to your new life as a sexless sissy whore. Real men can remember how long it’s been since the last time their cock had an orgasm, let alone got hard. It seems like you’ve embraced the fact that you only have a stubby little clitty between your legs now. Your commitment to your chastity treatment shows how devoted you are to living your new life as my loyal slave. Graciously willing to give up sex forever in order to worship my pussy, which you will never get to fuck!