Brother's New Girlfriend

Sibling rivalry isn’t a new thing. Brothers will fight each other for dominance to prove who the Alpha is, but one thing that is certain to demonstrate your manliness is to get a girl like me. I’m the prize every man dreams of winning. A gorgeous girlfriend, perfect in every way, and who knows how to please her man. I can see the jealousy burning in your eyes when I catch you staring at me. Sure his last girlfriend was nice to you, and everyone got along. Ever since I’ve started dating your big bro, I’ve turned you into a desperate boy starving for my affection. Your envy only feeds your sexual desires for me. All you want is to take me from him, bend me over, and fuck my hot wet snatch in triumph. He is lucky his giant cock knows how to own my pussy. You’ll never be able to that, let alone please any woman. I can tell by that tiny tent you’ve bitched in your pants, clearly the “little” brother.