Birthday Humiliation

Happy Birthday to you! I got a special treat for my birthday slave. You've patiently waited all year, locked up in my dungeon, unable to pleasure yourself in your cold and lonely solitude. I guess the best gift I can give to you is for your release, so you can finally stroke your miserable maggot dick. I've even invited some friends over for your birthday party to help you celebrate. While most people play fun activities like "pin the tail on the donkey" and blowing out the candles, we'll be playing "plug the ass of the slave" and blowing the big Alpha cocks. I've even bought you the perfect birthday cock to practice on me, so you won't embarass yourself in front of all your friends. The party is going to start soon, you should probably get ready for your big day. Now, get on your "birthday suit" so we can begin all the humiliating fun!