Babysitter Corruption

The babysitting agency sends me to deal with the most difficult clients that need to be corrected. It appears you have a habit to spy on your past babysitters while you play with yourself. Well, that sort of behavior will not fly under my watch. I decide to lay down the foundations and feel an intro spanking is in order to get you in line. But when I have you pull down your pants for your punishment, I couldn’t help but crack-up laughing at how small your penis is. Like you’re so tiny, I don’t understand how your other babysitters knew you were even jerking off?!? I can see your little cock twitch with excitement as I tease you and spank your ass. Seems like you’re enjoying my “hands on” approach to curbing bad habits. Maybe you should show me how much you enjoy it when you’re teased by a woman in charge. I’ll let you stroke that tiny dick for me and won’t complain to my agency about your behavior… if you do me a favor. All you need to do is please my boyfriend when he comes over. I’m just not into anal or even sucking dick, but I’m sure I can convince you to do anything for me since you’re under my control now.