Babysitter Advice

Some men are so hopeless they just can’t be helped. I’ve known since I was your babysitter that you’d grow up to be some lesser man, and now you’re seeking my advice about figuring out your new “girlfriend.” You’re supposed to be in college and fucking hot girls, but it seems your girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex with you. I believe that you have been super nice to her, helping her do homework, do her chores at her apartment, cooking for her; and she always comes up with an excuse about why she can’t have sex. This is perfectly natural. You are her cuckold! I’m sorry to say this, but she IS having sex, just not with you. I used to be her in college, keeping around a nice guy to do my bidding, then going off and fucking the Alphas at the closest frat. You’re a smart guy when it comes to school stuff, but when it comes to real life you’re pretty clueless. There are two types of men in this world, Alphas and betas. You don’t need a college degree figure out which one you are.