Ass Whoopin'

It’s time for your punishment. The sound of my belt buckle jingling makes you shudder and begin to sweat. You deserve every lash, and you know exactly why. You can’t run away from my severe whipping, all you can do is take it like a good whimpering bitch. I will strike your ass until it is raw and red like your ugly crying face. The thick leather from the non-stop beating of your tender ass is like being caned with a baseball bat. But, this is your fantasy to be beaten by me and your ass whooped by my painful belting. You like it when I make you cry; those stinging scars on your ass are a symbol of my love. Nothing brings me more joy than hurting you and making you beg for it to stop. When you think your ass has finally been punished enough, sobbing in agony, I bring out another device for your correction. I’ll bend you over my bed and pound your ass so hard that you’ll never forget this lesson. Now, assume the position!