All Men Must Be Locked

The perfect world would be ruled by women. Face it, men have fucked up everything for too long. It’s time to put EVERY SINGLE MAN in their place… locked in chastity. The fact of the matter is that men are “too emotional” to be in charge of anything. Their cocks always get in the way and everything becomes a pissing contest. Men are the reason for the wars, violence, and overall atrocious acts against humanity. Clearly women are the better species, so I have a plan in place to lock up all men; Alphas, betas, and everyone in between will have their dicks imprisoned. Even my fuckboy muscle bulls will have their cocks enslaved, I’ll just need an extra big one that’s accessible for when I need a good fuck. Sadly, you’ll spend the rest of our reign locked and neglected, desperately wishing that you would be lucky enough to be used by your female oppressors.