2 Hour Sexual Frustration

The saga continues. Locked in chastity for two whole months, and now you have to endure two hours of teasing and denial. You will wallow in your sexual frustration, unable to achieve the ultimate release you desperately crave. The fact is you were already impotent before I locked you up. I gave your life a new purpose the moment I chastised your little clitty. As if it wasn’t humiliating enough to be a sexless waste of a man, I’ll reveal to her all the sex and pleasure I’ll be having with all my boyfriends. I entrance you to believe that your only worth in life is submitting to my every demand. You were never a real man, which is why I have to train you to be a willing whore. Your clitty is useless, but your mouth and ass aren’t. I’ll make you a valued member of society after a few more treatments.