$10K Birthday Binge

Today is a very, VERY special day for you… It’s MY BIRTHDAY and I can’t wait to tell you what you’re going to give me. You might assume this is just going to be another ordinary shopping binge, but this isn’t a wimpy spending session for some common FinDom skank. I’ve got on your favorite fishnets, a pair of my sexiest high heels, and even brought some pop-pers to coerce and tempt you into giving me whatever I ask. I will guide you through a series of tributes to demonstrate your love for me. By the end, you will have gifted me $10,000! I believe I’m worth every penny of that five-figure present. I told you this wasn’t going to be a cheap birthday. You might think that is way too expensive, but doesn’t that BIG number get you so excited? I’ll tell you all my plans for my birthday money; the luxurious trips around the world, feasting on the finest cuisines, shopping for expensive homes, and watching my money grow from the security of my Beta Boy Fund. Watch as I rayp your wallet fast and hard, driving down your credit into obscurity. If your $hit job can’t afford rewarding me for giving your pathetic life meaning, well then I guess you’ll just never be good enough. This day belongs to me, I own it, just like I own your bank account.