Young Blood

 I love a young sub. So naive and inexperienced. I bet you've never even been dominated by a woman, especially one as young as myself. All the girls you know have little interest or awareness in their power over you. But you don't fool me. I can bend your will effortlessly and take full advantage. Before you know it, you'll be wrapped around my finger, begging to be mine forever..

Cuckold Roommate

You thought you hit the jackpot finding such a smoking hot roommate such as myself. Did you really think that just by living with you it’d only be a matter of time until we fucked? Please. I’m not blind. I’m a million miles out of your league. I will never fuck you. In fact, I have a date tonight with a real man; tall, muscular, & a huge cock. I plan on bringing him back here later so we can have loud passionate sex. You better get used to that because I do that a lot. Look at you, you’re so hot and bothered right now. I can tell this is turning you on. You want to be a part of my sex life so badly? The only way that will happen is if you’re my cuckold. I’ll take your credit card to pay for our date, then when we come home you’ll be sitting in the corner watching in frustration as I get ravished by a real man. The only time I’ll let you near my pussy is when you’re sucking his load out of it. Doesn’t that sound hot? Eventually I’ll have you get us started by fluffing my boyfriend before we fuck. I can just picture it now: you waiting so patiently on your knees with your tongue out ready to accept whatever I put into it. What a good boy. I’ll let you cum to that thought and then I’m locking your cock away before you come to your senses and change your mind. Oh yeah. Did I mention I’m not paying rent...?

Clean My Feet

My boyfriend will be here any minute and I expect you to lick my feet clean before he gets here. As you can see I’m wearing my sexiest lingerie just for him. You’re so lucky you even get to see me in it. Now hurry up and polish my perfect feet with your tongue. Its your foot-boy duty.

New Office Boy

It’s your first day on the job working for me. I call you into my office and tell you to take a seat. I tell you how glad I am you took the job because it will be fun to have a little office boy for all the women to play with. I explain that you were hired because all of the women like your ass best and that if you are a good little boy and do as you’re told you will have a lot of fun working for me. You laugh and try to tell me how you’re the “man” around here and that you should be the boss. How cute. I giggle and lean in close to you, looking down at you to explain what a poor misguided little boy you are. It’s not your fault because boys don't come with brains. We live in a female led society and boys were built for one thing; to serve the superior gender. Boys are so weak and they’ll do anything a woman says. It's simply programmed into our pretty little heads from birth. I demonstrate by slowly lifting my skirt to reveal where my stockings meeting my thigh. I notice that you are getting uncomfortable, So I lift a little higher to reveal a little view of my panties. You clearly look like a little ass worshipper so I turn to the side and show you my sweet round ass and watch how weak you get. That’s right little boy, you are weak, you need a woman to control you, to train you, to lead you through life. I lean in closer, staring into your eyes and order you to get on my knees. I ask you, “Who is weak?” You reply without hesitation, “I am goddess.” I am pleased at how quickly you refer to me as such. Then I proceed to tell you how your life is going to be; you will be locked in chastity because boys are too weak to be trusted to control themselves, you will wear pretty little panties to work everyday so that all the women in the office can enjoy your little ass scurrying around the office fetching coffee, rubbing feet and being a good little helper. You will be my personal secretary at your beck and call day and night. You are no longer allowed to have a social life, you are no longer allowed think for yourself. You will beg for your permission to do anything and everything, including going to the bathroom which will include sitting to pee since you will be in chastity and will be subject to panty checks by any woman to make sure you don't have any boy juice in your panties. If you don't obey then me then you will put me over your knee in front of everyone and spank me until you are crying like a little baby boy and then given corner time to learn my lesson. As I describe your life I notice how excited you get. I ask you if you would like to cum for me and you beg for release. I then tell you to stroke your cock for 10 seconds to come, I count you down and as you are about to explode I yell, “Stop!” and force you to not cum. You start to cry and I soothe you, “Poor little boy, you are so helpless. Don't worry Goddess Ceara is here now and I will take control of you now.” I then hand you the chastity tube and panties and tell you to put them on so I can show you off to the women in the office who are waiting to see the new office secretary or you can go over my knee first and then be shown off. I then pause, “On second thought, boys don't get to choose” I say and then bring you out to get spanked by everyone.