i'm SO happy that my humiliating photos were amusing to You! BTW, that's not my cum. It was sent to me by a Girl who had hot, steamy sex with a "real" man, something i am not at all suited for. She performed oral on him until he shot a couple of huge, sticky loads into Her mouth and She spit it out, after enjoying the taste, and sent it to me to swallow for Her. i could never produce that much cum with my little sissy dick, only a watery little dribble. As promised, here are some photos of me eating Your DELICIOUS toe-jam, infused with the precious sweat from Your beautiful feet. i hope they are amusing as well :-) i made sure to dress appropriately for such an assignment. Thank You SOOooo much for allowing me to eat off of Your sweaty feet! i would LOVE to kneel before You and lick Your feet totally clean, giving Your lovely feet a soothing and cleansing tongue bath. Have a GREAT day! Your loving foot-loser, mark