Office Cleavage

Custom clip request: You dress very sexy at work and all the women complain about your low-cut tops and short skirts. Someone finally complains loudly enough and the decision is made to fire you. I am the big boss at the company, so I call you in to my office to give you the bad news. You are dressed professional, but very sexy, particularly with your very low-cut, cleavage revealing top. From the moment you walk in to my office, you can see that I am struggling to focus on the task at hand and instead I am very distracted by your amazing tits. You are an expert at using your body to your advantage and you allow me to enjoy the view, subtly stroking your cleavage with your sexy long nails to draw my eyes to your perfection. You see the pictures of my plain-looking, flat-chested wife and you know I am putty in your perfect hands. I'd do anything to keep looking at your breasts. In fact, you promise to highlight your cleavage every day just for me, if I agree to let you stay. Maybe you could even persuade me to give you a raise.