my first shit eater part 3

yes i'm excited. any male toilet would be excited to receive excrement from a beauty like YOURself. actually, any male, no matter what his fetish, should be thrilled for the privilege of consuming YOUR excrement. naturally, a huge amount of shit would be preferred, but even a tiny amount that actually came from YOUR very own perfect ass hole is going to make my heart quiver with extreme excitement. maybe next time YOU will save a few #2's for me so i can have a banquet. YOU could freeze them till there's enough to fill the container. there will be a next time i hope. i hope YOUR package arrive here soon. i sure would like to start jerking off. i can barely wait to see YOUR treasures. my fantasy food. the FEmale ass hole and PUSSY are the two greatest devices ever developed by invention or evolution. i'm so lucky to have all the necessary senses for appreciating them appropriately. i thank YOU again for allowing me this most amazing opportunity. i'm certain by now, YOU understand just how awesome this upcoming experience is going to be for me. i get to be YOUR toilet. nothing on this earth could make me happier (except to be YOUR toilet in person, of course). lucky lucky me. ......shit stain