Dear John

This is a dear john video for my sad excuse for an ex boyfriend: Hey baby, it's been fun. But you should know I've just been using you for your money. Oh yeah, and I've been fucking a big black cock on the side. HAHA! He pleases me like you never could, your tiny little white dick felt like a tampon. I almost fell asleep the few times we fucked. Oh yeah, and remember all those times I was "out with the girls?" Yeah, I was really riding the BBC. Now you know why I always had you go down on me when I got home. HA HA HA! It's sooo funny how you thought my pussy tasted better than ever during those moments when you were really acting as my cuckold clean up bitch. Anyway, like I said its been fun, but I know you dont have money like you used to, so were soooo over.