BUY ME SHIT! Be sure to have this link open and ready before you watch this video.

I dont think it gets any more authentic than this. I have no interest in playing up your lame-ass fetish to get what I want today, I'm just going to spell it out as me: BUY ME SH-T! You want my attention? You want to serve me? Then shut the fuck up and clean out my wish list. This isn't rocket science, loser. Talk is cheap - tributes speak louder! So before you even *THINK* about contacting me. Ask yourself this "what have I done for her lately?" If the answer is "nothing," -- make a fucking change. I dont want your apologies. I dont want your compliments. I dont want your bullshit WORDS. I WANT YOU TO BUY ME SH-T. Got it? Oh yeah, and I dont want to have to hold your fucking hand through the process - thats what this video is for. You can be a big boy and pay for something yourself without wasting my time. Trust me, do this and you will get a lot farther with me. I weed on incompetence like no other.