Cheating Husband Humiliated

Theres nothing you can do, we were over the moment slipped your pathetic cock into some whores crusty infected pussy. I want a divorce, ass hole! You say youll do anything, that you love me, you cant live without me. What a fucking cry ! Well if youll do anything, I want you put on this diaper. If youre going to earn my love back, then I want you to dress like a baby and beg and whine for me back. I even give him a rattle to shake around while he plays with his teeny tiny cock, until he makes a mess in his diaper. I was able to get a few photos of the brat, just in case he decides to cheat on me again. Hell be absolutely humiliated if these photos got out. No woman wants a for a man!

Worshipping The Idol

The problem with letting one of my usually footboy pigs lick my feet clean is that they ironically make a big mess with it. They are too busy slobbering and drooling over my perfect feet that their excited tongue slides all over the place making my feet a soggy sole drenched in spit. Good thing I have my devoted friend Ellie who has to pay me back for a favor. She figured she would show me how a Goddess feet should be worshipped. Take notes boys, looks like youre all gonna be out of a job unless you work on those foot servant skills.

Kissing The Idol

When my good friend Ellie came over for some fun, I just had to put my book down and see what she had in mind. What started out as an honest girlfriend makeout session just kept getting steamier, so hot even that our clothes just continued to fall off out sexy bodies. She was all over me, worshipping every inch of my body. Dont you wish you couldve been in the same room as us, or even to be privileged to worship my perfect body. Too bad youre just a loser and not one of my hot friends.


Just one look at you, and I can already see the sexual desire in your eyes, hear your heart racing, smell your precum seeping through your briefs. Your veins are pulsating with rushing to your tiny cock, engorging it like a sausage about to pop. I can immediately see your dick getting swollen and moving like an anaconda under the waves of your pants fabric. The question is, what will I do once I start stroking your throbbing cock?

Girl Talk

Time for a little girl talk with my cross-dressing sissy sisters. Its always fun hearing how a sissy gets her start. I mean we all know how much softer, more comfortable, and sexier womens clothes are than mens. It is unfair that men cant wear clothes like mine without being labeled as a FREAK! So you have to be careful when you start out, hiding this lifestyle from friends, family, and lovers. Some start with panties or hosiery, before stepping into high heels, and eventually corsets and dresses. Soon youll have an entire wardrobe of slutty clothes, but it isnt enough. You dont feel like a woman when you dress up, you feel just like a big slut! You wish to be a porn star on her knees choking down giant cocks and letting cum drip down your face, burning your eyes and making your mascara run. But you cant be a real slut unless you learn to take it up the ass. So I want to see you start practicing by shoving a dildo up yours every day, you whore!

Boot Bottom Bitch

The best part about wearing boots is that I dont have to worry about all the disgusting things I step in all day. Things like dirt, mud, garbage, , and even pathetic worthless men like you! When I step all over one of my loser slaves faces, I make them use their tongues to clean off all the grime and nasty gunk stuck to the bottom of my boots. The fact that Im making you lick and eat all the gross stuff on my boots just shows how far beneath me you truly are, nothing but a lowly worm-dick boot worshipper. Youll be absolutely humiliated licking the bottoms of my boots while I stomp your face into a pulp.


Youve been waiting all day for this. Skipped breakfast and lunch, anxiously waiting for the time to enjoy a hot meal for dinner. I can hear your stomach growling and see the desperate look of hunger in your ugly face. Lucky for you, Im all ready prepared to feed you my hot steamy . My exposed ass in this latex suit makes my anus easily accessible to your mouth, and you get a sexy show of me while feeding on my ass! Now, how can you enjoy your meal without a glass of piss to pair with your divine meal this evening?

Travel Flip flops

I just got back from an amazing backpacking trip in Mexico. The best part was all the son and warm beaches, it was too hot to wear shoes so I spent the trip walking in everywhere in these flip-flops. Can you imagine what Ive stepped in? Since they are white, you can clearly see my grimy toe prints. Just imagine sticking your nose right on there, and licking my footprint clean. Too bad I only have one pair of these once in a lifetime flip-flops for one devoted slave to lick them clean until they are white again. Whos it gonna be?

Teased and Edged

Love stroking games? You'll love this clip. Follow my instructions as I tell you how to jerk and tease you with my perfect body. I'll build you up to the edge, then pull you right back. You'll get numerous count downs, never knowing when or if I actually get to "one." I may count back up, or stop all together and tell you to stroke slowly and for longer. If you cum before you're allowed, you must delete this clip and buy it again. This is how you build stamina. Think you can handle it? Let the games begin.

Ass to Mouth

Arent you so lucky to be under my control? It is everything youve dreamed of, right? Im going to introduce you to new things that you are sure to love. But, you have obey my every command and I promise Ill blow your fucking mind! Now, take this dildo and fuck your ass with it. Do as I say, this is what you wanted, to serve and please your Princess. Im training you for more important tasks because I have no use for slaves if they cant take a dick in their ass or swallow a cock. Youre going to be a jack of all (service) trades. Nothing more than cock sucking, piss drinking, cum guzzling, lord of my glory hole ass whore! Go on you shriveled-up worm-dick maggot, stick that slicked dildo in your mouth and show Ceara how devoted of a slave you are!