Studying Can Wait

**Featuring Natalia Starr**

When I open the door and see the gorgeous Natalia lying there in her black sheer stockings, I cant think of anything else but pouncing on her and taking advantage of this beautiful vixen before me. She tries to brush me off claiming she has to study, but I pull the book out of her hands and say, studying can wait. A fire lights in Natalia, turned on by my assertiveness and taking charge of her. We embrace and so do our mouths and tongues. All I want to do is ravage her body, so I strip Natalia bare and start rubbing her breaths, licking, sucking, and nibbling on her perfectly plump nipples. She cant resist my power especially once I have my hands on her hot wet pussy.

Not A Virgin

There is a lot of pressure placed on a young bride to remain pure for their husband. My fiance comes from a fairly conservative background and he always thought I was a virgin just like him. While we were talking about our upcoming marriage and having sex for the first time, I confessed that I actually am not a virgin and how I lost my virginity to some guy who said he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me we were very young still. But the truth is, Ive actually been having sex like a slutty rabbit. I had to call my girlfriend and tell her all about conning some loser to believe my Im a virgin act. The strangest thing is, he didnt seem mad or upset, but more excited, even turned on by the fact that so many men Ive fucked. Looks like my cuck of a husband wont be christening our marriage on our honeymoon night. Maybe Ill fuck his hot groomsmen instead.

Drown in Mud

Theres no use for you anymore. I have outgrown your services and found better and more worthy slaves to perform your tasks and worship me. Now, how to dispose of the worthless trash I no longer need? In the furthest corner of my land where my horses run around in the pasture, there is a giant mud pit by the fence that could serve as your new home. Ill lead you there and lay you down in the soft brown goo covering your entire body with mud until all thats visible is your ugly face. After Im tired of looking at you, Ill shove my boot into your face squishing your head deep into the muck, watching your eyes fill with fear as you disappear under the bubbling mud pool caused by your choked gasps for air. Actually, with all the horses running around, the mud around here is just shit, so I guess your new home will literally be a shit hole.

Hospital Graveyard

"Good morning! Today is an extra-special day for you! No, I'm not going to experiment on you with a new punishment or anything... Today is actually the day that I'm going to execute you!" There comes a time in all my pathetic slaves lives where they have outlived their usefulness and I have to put them down like the sad old they are. I typically like to just hang my worthless men and watch them kick their legs frantically and gasping for bits of air until the rope finally ends their life. Lucky for you though, your last act of life will be to entertain me while I sip on an expensive wine. But, youll be entertaining me long after your . I will keep you close in the hospital graveyard so I can visit you and spit on your grave. I even plan on keeping you locked in your chastity cage so you wont be doing any fucking. HA, even in the afterlife you will still be owned and under my control.

White Nightie

I know you want it so bad. What else would a man like you be thinking about when he has a hot sexy woman practically naked in front of him only wearing a thin silk nightie? Most men wouldnt be able to control themselves from ripping off my gown and ravaging my perfect nude body, but I can tell that youd rather be the pretty girl dressed in silky lingerie. Thats what you want, to be girlie and sexy like me. Ha, youll never look as good as me in one, but youd do anything to feel just a little bit like me. Well, money can buy you happiness and I am so so so happy in this white nightie. How much is your sissy fantasy worth to you?

Spiked Goddess

Come closer, my pet. Dont try to resist. The more you fight it the stronger your urge will be. You cant escape me; I haunt your every thought. Its time to give in to submission and be my true slave. I want you as my own; to use and abuse you and to treat you as you truly deserve. Carve my name deep into your chest to prove your loyalty. Your pain makes me smile.

Instagram Fashionista

So many adoring fans can make for one jealous asshole of a husband. I had no idea how big of a jerk he was going to be about my sudden fame and Internet success. He should consider himself lucky to be married to such a hot wife who happens to be on top of the Instagram modeling world. Guys and girls love looking at my pictures. Im a trendsetter, a fashionista, a beautiful icon of the social media world. Since you are so unhappy about my popularity, I might as well break the news to you that I am not happy in this marriage. All your stupid issues are really stressing me out and I dont want this marriage anymore. I still love you and want to have a family with you, but I think its time we see other people outside our marriage. I mean, look at some of these guys that are following me. They would to fuck me, and I bet they are more man than you when it comes to pleasing a woman.

You'll Never Find Better

Are you crazy?!? I cant believe you actually broke up with your girlfriend. Please tell me you didnt do it for me because that is just stupid. If you thought I would fuck you now that you are single, then you made a huge mistake. Your girlfriend was pretty hot too and now that you left her, no woman will ever love you or even suck that disgusting maggot you call a cock. You didnt deserve a girl like her anyway. I bet she is much happier now fucking real men with really big dicks thinking, I cant believe I was with that worthless loser for so long. Face it, no girl is ever going to fuck you again. You are now just like all my other loser slaves. From now on the only action youll be getting is by your cold clammy hand stroking away on your lonely cock to my clips.

Inhale My Ass

Breathe deep Dont you just love the smell of my fresh ass after a steamy yoga workout? My sweaty legs are so hot and dying to feel some cool air, all the way up my thong. I could peel my moist yoga pants off for you so you can stick your nose right in my sweaty ass crack. If Im going to let you worship my perfect ass, then I need to feel your face being smothered by my strong butt. From now on, my farts will be the only air supply you will get!

Pig Roast

There are so many fun and deviously entertaining things I make my piggy slaves do since their only desire is to please me. I just came up with a new idea to really torment my willing slaves using shock therapy. Ill instruct you to stick metal anal beads up your ass and gag you with a metal ball, then connect the metal balls to an electric stimulator. The electro shock will drive right through your body, connecting the mouth and anus by lightning bolt that feels like youve been impaled like a pig on a spit. I tease you with my taser, threatening to increase the voltage if you squeal too much. I wonder if I keep the device on, if it will cook you until steam pores out of your nose and ass like a hot roasted piggy.