Toilet Formerly Known as Alex

Amazing how far you’ve come. When I first found you, you were reluctant to serve as my ass worshipping slave. Now you are always so eager to service my perfect ass and anything that comes out of my filthy asshole. Your mouth is a willing vacuum sucking up all my excrement. I knew you would be easy to convert. The sight of me in shiny tight leggings brings your cock to full attention, knowing how sweaty and salty my ass will be. Soon you’ll be nose to hole, breathing in my musky farts, hungry for your tasty reward waiting inside. I bet you never thought you would be living off a woman’s dirty asshole. You crave my $hit and piss for you’ve grown accustomed to eating my waste for every meal. Not a single bite is left once you’ve finished, your tongue is my toilet paper licking up the smeared remains from my buttcrack. I can hardly remember the man you used to be. What’s your name again? It doesn’t matter anymore because you’re not human, just a disgusting sewer pipe.