Electro Sissy Popper Craze

I don’t care about what you want. This is all about me! You are my plaything, and will happily do whatever I say. If you try and fight me, well I know how easy you are to control once you’ve inhaled some of your favorite pop-pers. Soon you’ll be helpless for more of my fun games of torment. I lock your cock in chastity so you won’t be able to stroke yourself, but made certain to wear my slutty latex dress and black sheer pantyhose to make your predicament even worse. The pressure of the cage as your boner grows makes you desperate for freedom. I encourage you to beg for your release, but every time you ask I punish you with some electro therapy. I continue to entice you giving you hope for the key to your trapped cock, only to keep shocking you over and over again. The only distraction from the painful zaps I offer is the escape sniffing pop-pers provides and the opportunity to worship my long silky legs. I dangle my high heels in your face until they fall off, giving you full access to my sweaty nylon feet. Helpless to your obsession for my pantyhose, you willingly endure all my deviously playful shocks all for the pleasure of worshipping me and being my electro bitch toy!