Daddy Daughter Therapy

I’ve been very busy with my new career as a therapist, but I always have time to squeeze in a lunch date with my Dad. He comes into my new office thinking he’s taking his little girl out, but I have ulterior motives for him meeting me at work. I begin by sharing some interesting stories about the weird patients I’ve been helping… like this one client who likes to sneak into his daughter’s room at night and sucks her panties clean. Sound familiar? You see, I know what you’ve been doing my entire life; creeping into my room and stealing my dirty panties. You think I didn’t know you were sniffing and sucking and doing who knows what with my filthy panties. I even was baiting you into taking them when I’d leave them out with the crotch exposed on purpose. Well, now that I have my Masters in Psychology I feel like we should be open and talk about it. Helping sick men with their twisted obsessions is my specialty. After all, that’s why all my new clients pay me the big bucks to help them with their perversions.